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Founded in 1999, Radcliff Financial Group, Inc. continues to earn and maintain client confidence the old-fashioned way--by being trustworthy and ethical. This approach to business, friendship and life is still the foundation upon which they serve they clients today. For your Retirement Planning to Estate Planning, turn to Melanie Radcliff, CPA and Financial Advisor, founder of Radcliff Financial Group, Inc.

Radcliff Financial Group, Inc.’s independent nature and passion to truly know and understand you and your Retirement Planning, Insurance and Investment Planning fit Summit’s model of a “full-service boutique financial services firm.” As Investopedia describes these Boutique service, they are continually aiming to offer more individualized services… tailored to your specific needs.


LisaAnn Owens

Administrative Assistant/Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional, FPQP


LisaAnn’s Bachelor of Arts in History degree and her experience in health care, hospitality management, human resources, accounting and business organization help make her the perfect Administrative Assistant for Radcliff...

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Melanie Radcliff, CPA

Financial Advisor


(479) 222-6906

Melanie Radcliff, CPA, Financial Advisor, and founder of Radcliff Financial Group, Inc., and Melanie Radcliff CPA, Inc., offers retirement planning, tax management, estate planning, insurance and investment planning to clients ranging...

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